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Here's 13 minutes of new Life is Strange: True Colors gameplay

Ahead of its release next month.

There's not long left until the arrival of Life is Strange: True Colours, and ahead of its 10th September release, publisher Square Enix has shared 13 minutes of new gameplay footage, from what appears to be very early in the adventure.

True Colours sees the Life is Strange series heading off to another picturesque corner of the United States - this time to a small Colorado town, Haven Springs, in the shadow of the Rockies - for a brand-new adventure featuring a predominantly new cast of characters.

Here, the focus is on new protagonist Alex Chen who, unusually for the series, has lived with her powers - enabling her to hear the thoughts of other characters, as well as view and experience their emotions - for some time prior to the start of the adventure.

We've already seen small sections of gameplay from True Colors - mostly focused on how Alex's abilities will help drive the supernatural mystery story forward - but Square and developer Deck Nine (the studio behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm, taking over from series creator Dontnod) have now shared the biggest chunk of gameplay yet.

Cover image for YouTube videoLife is Strange: True Colors - First Official Gameplay [ESRB]
Life is Strange: True Colors - First Official Gameplay.

The new 13-minute gameplay video above sees Alex visiting Haven Springs' record store and running into Colorado state park ranger Ryan (store owner, local DJ, and Before the Storm character, Steph Gingrich, also makes an appearance) for some slightly awkward introductions.

Mostly, the sequence is business as usual for the series - dialogue choices, light investigation, and a typically laidback, naturalistic atmosphere as Alex gets acquainted with Haven Springs - but her powers do surface momentarily as Steph emerges in a rage.

And if you like what you see - which Life is Strange fans almost certainly will, given how closely True Colors appears to stick to the series' tried-and-tested formula - you'll be able to play through the whole mystery (the episodic release format has been ditched this time around) when it comes to Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia on 10th September.

True Colours' previously announced Switch version has been delayed until later in 2021 - news that arrived alongside confirmation that Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, an enhanced bundle of Life is Strange 1 and Before the Storm, will also miss its original September 2021 release date, and is now set to launch early in 2022.