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Hearthstone's next expansion Journey to Un'Goro detailed

Quest cards! Adapt power! Dinosaurs! More!

As expected, Hearthstone's next expansion will feature a dinosaur-filled Lost World-style setting. Its name is Journey to Un'Goro.

There's a fresh mechanic, Adapt, for bolstering minions with a number of upgrades. You choose one of three possible upgrades from a pool of 10, with effects such as adding Taunt, Windfury or summoning a sidekick minion for help.

Another change comes in the form of Quest cards, played like secrets, which require you to fulfill a set requirement during your game in order to unlock a powerful Legendary card.

Finally, the expansion introduces a new minion type: Elemental. Alongside murlocs, dragons, pirates and the like, elementals will apply fresh synergy possibilities to new and existing cards.

Journey to Un'Goro's 135-card expansion will arrive in April, and kick off the game's next annual rotation.

The set's title and theme leaked online after a slip-up from one of the voice actors involved.

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For more on Hearthstone, our sister site Metabomb has a Journey to Un'Goro card list and examples of the new mechanics.

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