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Hearthstone fans unearth dinosaur-themed expansion

Clever girl.

Hearthstone's next expansion may be called Lost Secrets of Un'Goro and focus on dinosaurs.

That's according to an expansion dug up by fans after being spotted on the professional resume of regular Hearthstone voice actress Lani Minella.

Minella's resume also lists five new cards she'll be voicing: Golakka Crawler, Pterodactyl, Anklesaur, Hydra, Brontosaurus.

The resume was spotted by Hearthstone Reddit (thanks, Metabomb), and the timing matches up.

Hearthstone is due its next big update in around two months - so it would make sense voice acting work is now being completed.

The next addition of new cards is expected to be similar in size and scope to last year's Lovecraftian expansion Whispers of the Old Gods, which also heralded the beginning of a yearly cycle that sees older Hearthstone sets retired.

Hearthstone's next card sets to be rotated out of Standard play are 2015's Blackrock Mountain, Grand Tournament and League of Explorers.

But what is Un'Goro? For those (like me) who escaped World of Warcraft's lure, here's our WOW expert Bertie on the area which this expansion references:

Un'Goro Crater, circa 2005.

"Oh I remember Un'Goro Crater - I remember spending a lot of time there in the original World of Warcraft. A giant, swampy, hazy crater with only a couple of paths in and out. A jungle that time forgot, as if a whole new ecosystem had arrived on a meteor, boom! There was a giant marauding T-Rex, weird oozey creatures.

"What was most bizarre was nothing seemed to happen there, no dungeons, no major quests. I can't even remember why I was there. It was peaceful, I think, in an eerie kind of way. Be interesting to see what Blizzard makes of it for Hearthstone."

We'll likely find out in the next month or so, as Blizzard begins teasing the new cards.

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