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Harrison, Gardner and Bozek leave Atari

As founder Nolan Bushnell rejoins.

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Phil Harrison and David Gardner have deserted dreams of reinventing Atari as a publishing powerhouse, tidied their desks and left. (Sing)Star signing Paulina Bozek has also departed.

Replacing them on the board are Atari founder and Pong creator Nolan Bushnell, and and Netscape bigwig Tom Virden.

Harrison's and Gardner's plans to renovate the once great Atari were scuppered by piles of debt. Former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison called Atari "gaming's best opportunity" at his inauguration in March 2008, and talked excitedly about being creatively unshackled and able to shape a company's future.

Atari was taken over by Namco Bandai a year later in a move that sidelined Harrison and Gardner - a former EA decision maker - as harmless bigwigs. What Harrison and Gardner plan to do now is unknown.

Bozek, on the other hand, has confirmed via Twitter that she is working on a "cool new project".

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