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Happy birthday to Doom, happy birthday to Doom

20 years young! We're streaming it live from 5pm GMT.

Where the bloody hell is Doom 4? It makes me so sad that my beloved id Software can't get its s*** together on Doom 4, or so it seems at least. This should be one of the easiest sells in the world. Bright, colourful hellscapes, superfast movement and fantastical projectile weaponry, labyrinthine levels with keys and secret rooms - the antithesis to all the grit and grime of contemporary first-person shooters.

Ah well. At least we still have the original Doom, and what a game it was. We got an email from Game Art HQ earlier today reminding us that it's been 20 years to the day since the release of the original Doom and browsing through the site's amazing collection of fan art hit our nostalgia nerves hard.

With that in mind, we thought: what better way to celebrate the old devil's anniversary than by firing it up for one more dark December evening? We're using the Xbox Live Arcade version, which Ian will be streaming live from 5pm GMT. Join him and knock back a few Cacodemons, and in the meantime why not share some of your Doom memories in the comments.

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