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Halo: Nightfall available on demand, DVD next month

Unlocke the whole series.

Microsoft mini-series Halo: Nightfall will be available to stream, download and buy on physical disc from next month.

Nightfall will be available in the UK on 16th March, and internationally on 17th March.

The live-action episodic tale introduces the character of Locke, a key player in the upcoming Halo 5, who quickly gets himself involved in all manner of sci-fi shenanigans.

So far the series has only been available to those who bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection. But perhaps you want to buy it again and stick it on your shelf?

There's no word of which digital platforms will host the series when it launches, but Microsoft's own Xbox Video seems like a fair bet.

Watch a slice of the action in the new trailer, below:

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