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Halo Infinite's co-op gets closer with beta next month

Test flight.

The co-op mode for Halo Infinite is at long last on its way. In fact, players will be able to give it a whirl from next month.

However, there is a catch. This will just be its beta (or "flight" in the words of developer 343 industries), and not the real deal. That is still slated to come some time later this year.

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If you want to have a shot at this test flight, you will have to register to become a Halo Insider. This program is the "official way for Halo fans and community members to partner with 343 Industries to help improve our games, products, and services."

Once this is done you will be asked to add in a few details (all pretty standard stuff that you would expect) and then you will hopefully hear back from the Halo gods about the how, when and where.

Halo Infinite has had a bit of a bumpy ride, to put it nicely, following its launch towards the end of last year. In particular, its multiplayer player base has been voicing its frustrations over an escalating number of issues, including a lack of content updates and a lacklustre seasonal battle pass offering.

343 has pledged to improve matters on multiple occasions and will likely be hoping that this new co-op beta, combined with Halo Infinite's recently launched Season 2, will gets players back onto their warthogs and into the fray once more.

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