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Halo 4 Champions Bundle adds fresh maps, armour on 20th August

Three new packs included. No Andy Murray skin.

Two new maps, a new game type and a suitcase full of fresh armour are headed to Halo 4 via Microsoft's upcoming Champions Bundle pack.

The assortment of in-game goodies comes in three separate packs, although you can save money by buying them together. Doing so will also net you a smattering of bonus items, too.

The whole lot is available on 20th August for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80).

Included is the Bullseye Pack (separately priced at 480 MS Points). It contains the claustrophobic Vertigo map and remixed classic level Pitfall, a new version of Halo 3's The Pit. You also get the new game type Ricochet, a gravball scoring game.

There's also the Infinity Armour Pack (separately 200 MS Points). It has the vintage Mark V armour from the original Halo and Forerunner armour once used by Prefects.

Finally, there's the Steel Skin Pack (again, separately 200 MS Points). It includes steampunk-style aesthetics for your loadouts, including UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weaponry.

Buy all three in the Champions Bundle and you get a limited-time set of extras, including a new armour mod, weapon and armour skins and Spartan stances for your player card.

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