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Guild Wars 2: a dramatic live action trailer by director of V for Vendetta

Game goes back on sale, stock replenished.

A live action trailer by the director of V for Vendetta, James McTeigue - that's what Guild Wars 2 needed. And so, that's what Guild Wars 2 has been given.

Titled Our Time Is Now, the flashy trailer shows modern city people becoming their Guild Wars 2 characters. There's a liberal sprinkling of artistic interpretation, so you may be left scratching your head a bit.

The video coincides with Guild Wars 2 going back on sale on the game's official website, as well as retail stock being replenished. This was suspended on 30th August while ArenaNet doubled down to fixing growing pains with Guild Wars 2 immediately after launch.

But now the million-plus selling MMO is ready to welcome more players. The game's capacity has been "substantially expanded" by way of new servers in the US and Europe, the game's website declared - and the number of customer support "agents" has nearly doubled. Game systems like the Trading Post are back online, and the important but relatively low priority official forums are open for business.

ArenaNet co-founder and boss, Mike O'Brien, pledged to always put the experience of the game's players above anything else.

"Preserving the customer experience has always been our top priority. We're supporting Guild Wars 2 for the long run. We'll always do what it takes to deliver the best online gaming experience for our customers, even when that means throttling sales," he commented.

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