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Groove unleashes SkillGround

Compete for hard cash.

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Groove Games has unveiled what it describes as the first free online gaming service that lets you win real cash, is reporting.

It's called SkillGround and is aimed and PC gamers from casual to hardcore levels, apparently. Groove has also designed a skill ranking system to ensure you're matched up against the right people, and its "cheatproof" measures mean you'll have a fair chance at winning.

Currently you can choose from four titles: LA Street Racer, Kung Fu: Deadly Arts, tactical military shooter Close Quarters Conflict and sci-fi themed FPS WarPath.

Gameplay modes include practice, tutorial, one-on-one, single player, and deathmatch for up to eight players, and there are also score-based games and progressive tournaments.

According to SkillGround's own figures 15,000 players took part in the beta phase, racking up 200,000 gameplay sessions.

A fifth game, Ultimate Tour Golf, is set to appear on SkillGround this summer, with more titles "based on hugely popular and successful third party games" due in the autumn.

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