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Greenberg: Xbox 360 will win Christmas

"We'll do it on a global scale."

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Microsoft bigshot Aaron Greenberg is confident that children will be getting Xbox 360s and not PlayStation 3s in their stockings this Christmas.

And that will be because of nifty price cut manoeuvring, he said, holding up successful September US hardware sales as evidence.

"We expect to continue our price advantage over the PlayStation 3 for a long time," Greenberg told Kotaku.

"And we feel confident that we'll outsell the PS3 this holiday season in North America and in Europe. We'll do it on a global scale."

Microsoft slashed the price of all Xbox 360 models in September, making both the Arcade and Premium units cheaper than a European Wii, which retails for GBP 179.99. The 80GB PlayStation 3, remember, sells for GBP 299.99.

We also recollect that a busy Christmas last year brought Xbox Live to its knees. How will it perform this year? "Hopefully, very well," added Greenberg. "We've grown our team and our infrastructure over the past year."

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