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Greenberg hints at Xbox Live revamp

Content needs reorganisation, he says.

Microsoft is looking to reorganise Xbox Live content to make it easier to find your way around the thousands of items that have been added since the console's 2005 launch.

"Longer term, we're looking to make the ability to find content and organise the 17,000 pieces of content we have a lot better," Aaron Greenberg, product management director for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, told MTV Multiplayer.

The last hint Microsoft dropped about an Xbox Live revamp was in a February job advert seeking someone to join the team "building the games, the console interface and logic, and the server support for a totally new Live experience".

Microsoft has already taken steps to reduce the density of content on Xbox Live, recently announcing plans to cull Xbox Live Arcade games that have under-performed - something that Greenberg has previously said would force other developers to "focus on game quality now more than ever".

Speaking to Multiplayer, Greenberg stopped short of confirming that a new version of Xbox Live is on the cards, but the platform holder recently skipped over the traditional spring dashboard update and those developers are unlikely to have gone on holiday instead.

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