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Gran Turismo 7 CEO says the team is "looking into" a PC port

"We are looking into it and considering it."

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that Sony is "considering" porting the racing series to PC.

In an interview with GTPlanet (thanks, VGC), Yamauchi was asked if he would "consider" following the recent trends set by Sony first-party titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Death Stranding by taking the latest instalment, Gran Turismo 7, to PC.

Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5: The Digital Foundry Tech Review.Watch on YouTube

"Yes, I do think so," Yamauchi responded when asked if Polyphony Digital could do the same.

"Gran Turismo is a very finely tuned title," Yamauchi added. "There are not many platforms which could run the game in 4K/60p natively, so one way we make that possible is to narrow down the platform.

"It’s not a very easy subject, but of course, we are looking into it and considering it."

Nearly nine months on from launch, Gran Turismo 7 has introduced one of its most heavily requested features, as the game's 1.26 update finally allows players to sell cars in their garage.

As Martin explained when the update was released, the inability to sell cars has been a sticking point for many players, whose experience has been compounded by a miserly economy and expensive microtransactions.

"It's a bit baffling that it's taken so long, and there's still a little uncertainty precisely how it'll work and how good the payouts will be, but it does at least come as part of a generous update," Martin said at the time.