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Grab the fastest SSD for PS5 and PC for just £115 - an impressive saving of £187 from CCL

A great price for a 2TB Western Digital Black SN850x, one of the best solid state drives on the market!

There are some big game releases coming up over the rest of the summer with Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart's PC port next week, Baldur's Gate 3 on 3rd August andStarfield on 6th September.

These games are going to ask for anywhere between 75 and 125 gigabytes of storage space on your PC, so it's a good idea to get some extra storage in advance while there's some great deals on SSDs, like this discount on the 2TB Western Digital Black SN850x M.2 SSD which is only £115 at CCL:

Western Digital Black SN850x M.2 2TB SSD- £115 at CCL

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The SN850x has ridiculously fast performance with respective read and write speeds of 7300MB/s and 6300MB/s, numbers that are hard to find on other SSDs and even harder to find at similar prices. The same is true for the random speeds - 1.2M IOPS for reads and 1.1M IOPS for writes - that will give you a noticeable decrease in game load times versus slower drives.

Pairing the performance with the 2TB size, enough to install the three games mentioned earlier and more, the SN850x becomes one of the best SSDs for gaming you can find, and for £115 it's a bit of a steal.

If you're a PS5 gamer and have wanted to give your console a really serious boost, the SN805x easily clears Sony's requirements for internal SSDs, and will quadruple the total usable storage of your system due to the PS5 having an 825GB internal SSD and only 666GB or of it being usable.

If you plan on using the SN850x in a PS5, or want to make sure it stays cool in your PC, you'll want to attach a heatsink to it first which you can do for only £8.

The WD_Black is one of the best gaming SSDs around at the moment, so it's great that you can still pick up the 2TB version for as low as £115, which is only £9 more than it was during Amazon Prime Day last week.

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