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GOG gains Master of Orion, Outcast

Atari the latest publisher to sign on.

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Vintage Atari games Outcast and Master of Orion 1 and 2 have been added to digital distribution site Good Old Games.

They will be bolstered soon by fellow Atari games One Unit Whole Blood and Master of Magic.

Outcast and Master of Orion 1 + 2 (a double-pack) cost $5.99.

Outcast, released in 1999, is Appeal's voxel (a volumetric pixel) powered alien adventure about a science experiment on a strange planet that goes wrong. What a strange premise. Nevertheless, Outcast earned a whopping 9/10 on a very fresh-faced Eurogamer. Our review is dated 16th September 2009; how things have changed.

Master of Orion 1 + 2 are older and from the pre-Eurogamer days of 1996. The idea here is to establish a space-based empire by trading and fighting and killing evil Antarans. We did review Master of Orion 3, though, and gave it a hearty 3/10.

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