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Gods and Heroes delayed

Perpetual staff laid off.

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Perpetual Entertainment has confirmed that Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, an MMORPG in development exclusively for PC, has been delayed.

The studio also revealed it will be making between 30 and 40 members of staff redundant now that development on the title is complete and playtesting has begun.

Speaking to Gamasutra Perpetual boss Chris McKibbin said, "The size and bar of content creation is very high and requires a pretty sizeable team. The process of really play-tuning and balancing takes a much smaller, more focused and agile team, and so that is the transition right now."

McKibbin said Perpetual will help laid off staff to find work with other developers or may stick them on its other project, Star Trek Online.

He didn't give a firm release date for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising but did say it will arrive in early 2008, attributing the delay to a need for more beta testing.

"We put a high value on listening to our beta community and then reacting and making those changes," McKibbin explained.

"We want to continue and give ourselves more time to do that, and give the community more time to play the game."

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