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Giacchino scoring Medal of Honor

Airborne gets fancy send-off.

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Michael Giacchino's keeping himself busy - having signed on to score Codemasters' upcoming "alternative" World War II shooter Turning Point, now we find out that he's written the music for EA's Medal of Honor: Airborne.

Giacchino has worked on TV shows like Lost and Alias, along with films like Mission: Impossible III ("you said that last time!") and My Brother the Pig ("better"), and what do you know? He's also worked on Medal of Honor before. EA points out he did the "memorable theme music", while IMDB points out his connection to Allied Assault, Vanguard and even Underground. Old school.

"I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work on a game that tells such an epic, honest story," said Giacchino. "The Medal of Honor Airborne team is a very talented group of people and working with them on creating music to fit their innovative game was a true highlight for me. Video games are another vehicle to tell a story, and music plays a vital role in that."

To hear him say similar things about how much he loves Spark Unlimited, pop across to our coverage of his connection to Turning Point. What next for Giacchino? Answers on a treble clef. Medal of Honor Airborne is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 31st August according to EA's latest schedule.

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