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Ghost of Tsushima will have Japanese audio track option


PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tshushima drew comments last night during PlayStation's E3 conference from fans wishing that the Japan-set game would feature a Japanese language option. Today, in a press demo of the game attended by Eurogamer, developer Sucker Punch confirmed just that.

The details are still being worked upon, but a Japanese-language option with English subtitles was mentioned. The demo we saw consisted of the gameplay section shown during PlayStation's press conference, but now in Japanese. Plans are afoot to localise the full game, Sucker Punch said.

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Featuring a keen eye for detail (Sucker Punch mentioned sending an audio scout to Japan to record, among other things, native birdsong), Ghost of Tshushima is intended as a "time machine" for players wanting an accurate representation of the location and era. A Japanese language soundtrack would certainly help with this.

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