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Get almost 1TB of SSD Storage for a ridiculously low £35

The Kingston A400 at its lowest-ever-price.

There are still some excellent discounts on SSDs around at the moment, including some huge reductions on the Kingston A400 range of SATA SSDs, which offer amazing price-per-gigabyte value.

The top end A400 packs in 960GB of space to give you extra room for new titles like Street Fighter 6, or upcoming games like Starfield - which will need 125GB of space on its own.

You can pick up the 960GB A400 for almost half price right now at Amazon UK, which ends up being just under £35, and US shoppers can also pick it up for $40:

Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid State Drive 2.5" SATA - £34.28 at Amazon UK (was £67)

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Kingston A400 SSD Internal Solid State Drive 2.5" SATA - $40 at Amazon US (was $65)

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This deal is great when you consider that when this drive first launched back in 2018 it was £360 on Amazon, meaning that it has dropped in price by over 90 per cent in five years which doesn't happen all that often for computer hardware.

It's the same story with the other versions of the A400, some of which have even bigger discounts on them. The 480GB version can be had for just £19.39, which is a 57% discount and a cheaper price-per-gigabyte than the 960GB version. It's also on sale at Amazon US for $25, which isn't as good a deal as the 960GB version but still excellent value.

SATA SSDs don't offer the same speeds as M.2 SSds can now, which feature transfer speeds of thousands of MB/s and make for some of the best gaming SSDs around, but adding a 960GB A4000 will still be a big speed boost over a traditional mechanical hard drive thanks to the read and write speeds of 500MB/s and 450MB/s respectively.

Whether you use one as a boot drive for older games, or to help shift around files and apps to get more room on your fastest SSD, the 960GB A400 is a ridiculous deal for just £34.28.

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