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Germany's giant game rating logo sees Yoshi binned off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate box

Eggistential crisis.

German game boxes have long been blighted by the USK - the country's local game rating board - and its ginormous logo.

But never before have I seen the logo so big, so obtrusive, that it has squeezed a key character off the front of the box (thanks, AllGamesDelta).

Poor Yoshi, Mario's loyal green sidekick dinosaur, has been binned from the box cover completely by Nintendo so the USK can slap its logo on instead.

Just look at the variants below - the UK one with our PEGI rating, then the German cover with the USK stamp, along with the North America's ESRB cover as well for comparison.

UK, German and North American boxes.

Not only is Yoshi edited out of the German cover, but Pikachu has also been shuffled around. His lightning rod tail - known for its ability to conjur up sparks of electricity - has been shoved unceremoniously up inside the dangly bits of Link's tunic.

Come on, Germany. This is painful - for all involved.