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Geoff Keighley confirms Summer Game Fest will return in 2024

After "record-setting" event this year.

Summer Game Fest's live showcase might have struggled to consistently entertain with its saggy middle and excessive runtime, but the overall season-wide event has apparently already done what it needed to - producer Geoff Keighley has now confirmed Summer Game Fest will return next year, live showcase and all.

Summer Game Fest is currently in its fourth consecutive year - having initially started amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as a response to major in-person gaming events being shut down - and 2023's offering has been bigger than ever.

It was, of course, originally expected to have some competition from the returning E3 this year, but after that show's cancellation, Summer Game Fest swelled to fill the gap, hoovering up a number of publisher showcases and events under the Summer Game Fest banner.

Newscast: The best of Xbox, Ubisoft and Summer Games Fest.Watch on YouTube

And according to Keighley's announcement of a Summer Game Fest return in 2024, this year's event has been a "record-setting" one - although exactly what records have been set wasn't made clear. Still, it's obviously proven enough of a success that both the live showcase and invite-only Play Days component (a special in-person event for media and influencers) are confirmed to be taking place again next year.

Keighley says more details on Summer Game Fest 2024 will be shared "in the coming months", and as for the remainder of this year's show, you can see what's still to come over in Eurogamer's guide.

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