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Genshin Impact developer opens new Canadian studio for AAA game in paranormal world

Montréal Impact.

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo is opening its first North American office in Montréal.

A blog post shared on the company's LinkedIn page gives details about the new office which will welcome over 100 employees in the next two years.

It also gives some hints as to miHoYo's next game. "As a hub for research and development, the Canada team will work closely with the global development team and focus on creating a brand-new AAA open-world action-adventure game featuring shooting-based gameplay within a living, breathing paranormal world," reads the post.

"We have gained a plethora of game development and operations experience as a result of Genshin Impact's recent global release, which we can harness to create even higher-quality games to our players," said Forrest Liu, co-founder of miHoYo.

"Montréal is home to a thriving game development community and is well-known for its world-class universities. We deeply value the expertise and creativity that the local ecosystem provides and believe it will empower miHoYo to create games with their imagination."

Few further details are available on the new AAA game, although a number of job listings based in the Montréal office have been posted.

One position is for a Vehicle Level Designer who will work on designing a "road network in [an] openworld with urban area and wilderness", while another is for a Senior Technical Artist to create a destruction system.

MiHoYo's is also working on another new project, Honkai: Star Rail. That's set to be a new title in their Honkai series with turn-based battles and dungeon exploration.

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