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Gears of War Xbox One remaster footage leaks


Early footage of Microsoft's heavily-rumoured Xbox One Gears of War remake has been spotted online.

Gameplay videos were originally found on the XboxDVR site, which collates clips recorded via the Xbox One's built-in capture software.

These have since been pulled offline, but the footage can still be found elsewhere.

The two short videos come from what looks like a working beta build. You can see Gears of Wars' chunky heroes shooting at Locusts enemies and vice versa in a section clearly taken from the original Gears.

It's not the first time we've heard reports of the remake. An earlier leak pegged the game as being developed by Brink and Dirty Bomb developer Splash Damage. It's expected to be announced by Microsoft at its E3 conference next month.

See how it looks in the comparison shots below:

Xbox One
Xbox 360

There's also this footage from a Spanish beta tester, who claims the new version - which he refers to as Gears of War: Ultimate - runs at 60fps.

And one more piece of evidence - the "Ultimate Edition" moniker was backed up this week by a new Brazilian ratings board listing.

Microsoft declined to comment on the leak when contacted by Eurogamer.

Cover image for YouTube video