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Gears of War 3: Where's cheapest?

Look Anya might save a penny.

The cheapest place to buy Gears of War 3 is BestBuy, where the game costs £32.99.

That deal includes free delivery and there are no other strings attached.

The showiest Gears of War 3 deal, however, is HMV's £1.99 when-you-trade-in-Dead-Island offering. Otherwise, the store charges £37.99.

Supermarket Morrisons has an enticing £25 tag on Gears of War 3, but to enable that you must also buy a 2100 Microsoft Point card for £18.99.

Blockbuster's price of £34.99 for Gears of War 3 is worth noting.

Gears of War 3 will be released tomorrow. Yes, that's a Tuesday.

Eurogamer's Gears of War 3 review dished out 8/10.

"Gears of War 3, then. In its multiplayer, all you could have reasonably asked for; in its visuals, new heights reached, while cracks of old age are papered over; in its story, a fitting conclusion; and in its campaign, though short of the consistent brilliance of its predecessor, a mostly rousing and memorable spectacle," wrote reviewer Johnny Minkley.

Gears of War 3.

High street prices

  • BestBuy - £32.99
  • HMV - £36.99 (£1.99 when trading in Dead Island)
  • Morrisons - £37.99 (£25 when bought with a £17.49 Xbox Live Points Card)
  • Tesco - £39.90 (£28 when bought with a £18.99 Xbox Live Points Card)
  • Sainsbury's - £39.99 (£33.99 when bought with a 12-month Xbox Live sub or 2100 Microsoft Points)
  • Asda - £39.97
  • Game - £39.99 (£4.99 when trading in either Dead Island, Driver: San Francisco or Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine)
  • Gamestation - £39.99 (an extra £10 off when trading in two titles - plus their trade-in value)
  • Blockbuster - £39.99

Online prices