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Gears of War 3 Horde Command DLC date

First add-on coming November.

Gears of War 3's first slice of add-on content will launch 1st November, Microsoft has announced.

The Horde Command Pack is priced at 800 Microsoft Points. It's the first of four helpings of DLC free to owners of the 2400 MSP Gears 3 Season Pass.

The extra content comprises three extra maps, four new fortification upgrades, three new characters and a pair of new weapon skins.

Added levels are Gears 2 map Blood Drive; the bullet-ridden decomissioned battleship Rustlung; and island resort Azura.

New upgrades are the firepower-boosting Command Centre, plus better versions of the Decoy, Sentry and Silverback exo-suit.

New playable characters are Big Rig Dizzy, Bernie and the Onyx Guard. New weapons skins are the Team Plasma and Jungle Camo.

Gears developer Epic has said it will "constantly" work on post-launch updates for the third-person shooter, with campaign, multiplayer and co-op additions all planned.