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GDC: Wii MotionPlus still set for spring

Better than it was at E3, says Fils-Aime.

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Nintendo of America kingpin Reggie Fils-Aime ducked questions about the launch date for the Wii MotionPlus add-on yesterday at GDC.

Fils-Aime dismissed a proposed June date and suggestions of development hold-ups as "rumour and speculation".

However, he did have this to tell MTV: "The status of MotionPlus is consistent with what we talked about at E3."

What was that then? Well, if you consult our Nintendo E3 2008 press conference transcript, you'll find Fils-Aime saying it will "launch globally next spring", which would have it out by the end of May.

Unless of course he was referring to its technical capabilities, but then he told MTV that those had changed since last E3. "The level of motion capability is far in excess of what we showed at E3," he said.

We'll be bringing you our impressions of a few MotionPlus games very soon, so stick around. Nintendo UK told Eurogamer this morning that the target is still "spring".

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