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GDC: Harrison speech alert

Live Text as it happens.

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Sony's Phil Harrison takes the stage at the Game Developer's Conference this evening at 18:30 GMT, and we'll be bringing you the news live from his keynote address.

Our news hound Ellie Gibson has battled her way to the front of the press-crush to deliver you Live Text commentary from the entire speech, which we're promised will unveil some big secrets about Sony's future PS3 strategy.

All you have to do is pop over to our Live Text article, sit back, and wait. There's no need to refresh the page to get the latest updates, as our clever lab rats have designed the page to continuously refresh itself. So, all you'll achieve by hammering F5 is slowing the site down for everyone else, which we'd really rather you didn't do.

Pat will also be whipping his lens out and taking pictures from the entire show, which will join Ellie's words in "taking you there". The snaps will flow into a gallery that you can find elsewhere on the site.

So, join us as we watch Sony unveil what it has in store for the PS3.

Remember, 18:30 GMT, right here.

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