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GC: Halo 360 priced, dated

Suggested at GBP 280.

Microsoft has skilfully stuck a sticker suggesting a price of GBP 280 (EUR 414) on its Halo 3-themed Xbox 360.

That means you might see a little variation in the asking price when it's launched alongside the game on 26th September.

Those of you splashing out will be treated to a fancy Spartan-green and gold paint job, HDMI port, 20GB hard drive and lots of other bits and pieces I will bore you with by listing; a wireless controller, wired headset, special Halo 3 theme and gamer pictures, component HD AV cable, Ethernet cable, Play & Charge Kit (handy), and one month of Live Gold membership.

Microsoft recently paved the way for the new Halo 3 and Elite consoles by lowering the price of Premium and Core packs in Europe.

Coupled with a strong Christmas line-up including the imminent and fantastic BioShock, it looks set to be a busy and successful period for Microsoft.

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