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Xbox 360 gets UK price cut

Effective this Friday.

Microsoft has finally stamped confirmation on the Elite and subsequent Premium and Core prices in the UK.

The new black console with its fancy HDMI port, 120GB hard drive and black peripherals will come in at GBP 299.99 (EUR 441), prompting a GBP 30 cut in the Premium pack to GBP 249.99 (EUR 367), and GBP 20 chop for the Core down to GBP 179.99 (EUR 264).

A standalone 120GB hard drive will cost you GBP 129.99 (EUR 191).

All three will be effective this Friday, to coincide with the launch of exclusive games BioShock and Blue Dragon for the system.

"Whether it's our lead in console sales, record-setting games and accessory attach rates or our leading online service, evidence is everywhere that Xbox is thriving," said Stephen McGill, head of Gaming & Entertainment for Xbox in the UK

"When you combine that momentum with these great-value offerings with our unbeatable Christmas game line-up, it's clear that Xbox 360 is uniquely placed to take the UK by storm this Christmas."