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GBA games downloadable for DSi?

"Rumour and speculation," says Nintendo.

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Nintendo has told Eurogamer that a DSi Virtual Console-style service offering downloadable Game Boy and GBA games is "purely rumour and speculation".

The platform holder was responding to a report by website Kombo, which cites confirmation from a source supposedly inside a special platinum Nintendo Club event on Sunday evening. Kombo claims Nintendo will initially limit downloadable Game Boy and GBA games to first-party titles.

The website has since been contacted by Nintendo and told the Virtual Console-style service has yet to be confirmed for North America. It has, however, apparently been announced for Japan.

The platform holder also stated that Game Boy and GBA games are not playable directly from SD memory cards as the report originally claimed.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata delivers his GDC keynote address tomorrow at 4pm GMT (9am PST). We'll be covering the talk live on Eurogamer, ready to snap up any announcements tumbling from his chops.

He speaks as the DSi breaks 2 million sales in Japan after four-and-a-half months on sale, according Famitsu.

The Nintendo DSi will be available across Europe from 3rd April for GBP 149. Head over to our recent in-depth analysis of the DSi to find out whether you should buy one.

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