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Gaming communities poke fun at Twitter's X rebranding

Kingdom Hearts fans are having a field day.

Mickey Mouse in his Organization 13 coat from Kingdom Hearts
Image credit: Square Enix

Twitter has undergone yet another change, a rebranding to the name X, which serves no other purpose other than to seemingly satisfy the whims of owner Elon Musk.

Some people have managed to get a kick out of it at least, especially gaming communuities on Twitter.

Here are some of the Xcellent takes coming from Twitter.

The name change is easy pickings for Xbox. It's right there.

ID@Xbox instead decided to show an alternate reality where the culprit behind the rebrand was 2019's delightful Untitled Goose from Untitled Goose Game. At this point, a goose running Twitter would probably do a better job.

Proving how ridiculously simple the new logo is, Runescape developer Jagex couldn't help but point out Elon Musk is about 25 years late to the party.

Even Pokémon joined in.

And Quantic Dream has moved on from "press X to Jason" with this Detroit: Become Human meme.

There's a community of people who are loving the change, however. The Kingdom Hearts community has found the bright side of things, changing their profile pictures to members of Organization 13 and unleashing their Nobody names on everyone. (In Kingdom Hearts, a person becomes a Nobody when they lose their heart to the darkness but have a strong will. The tradition of naming a Nobody is to take the letters of their actual name and rearrange them with an X in there. Kingdom Hearts lore is... something else.)

Ubisoft has also suggested a new logo based on Twitter's, but I still hate it.

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