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GamesMaster revival hosts announced

Three episodes to stream later this year.

The revived GamesMaster will be hosted by videoGaiden veteran Robert "Rab" Florence, aided by esports presenter Frankie Ward and comedian Ty Logan.

All three will, of course, also be joined by the floating head of a GamesMaster - although their identity remains under wraps.

Three 60-minute episodes will premiere on E4's YouTube channel before the end of the year, GamesRadar reported, before appearing on the E4 telly channel proper.

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"I'm hugely honored that I've been trusted with ushering a new generation of challengers to their glory or humiliation, under the unflinching gaze of the GamesMaster," Florence said.

If you're ancient like some members of the Eurogamer team, you might remember the original GamesMaster show ran from 1992 to 1998 and was chiefly led by irreverent presenter Dominik Diamond. In that iteration, the legendary Sir Patrick Moore portrayed its GamesMaster.

In one particularly memorable episode, Eurogamer's long-time behind the scenes tech wizard Craig Munro was a 10-year-old contestant who lost against his older sister Kirsty. Ellie Gibson previously interviewed Craig about his experiences, and the shadow it has cast over his life since.

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