Nintendo Switch


Switch still in "middle" of its life, Nintendo says

While confirming next console due before 2100.

Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser pleads guilty

Faces $4.5m fine and up to 10 years in prison.

Nintendo's Switch Online + Expansion Pack trailer is now its most downvoted video ever

The video currently sports 104K dislikes to just 17K likes.

Switch still in "middle" of its life, Nintendo says

While confirming next console due before 2100.

Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser pleads guilty

Faces $4.5m fine and up to 10 years in prison.

Nintendo's Switch Online + Expansion Pack trailer is now its most downvoted video ever

The video currently sports 104K dislikes to just 17K likes.

Nintendo shutters "small, satellite" offices in California and Toronto

SVP of Sales, Marketing and Communications, Nick Chavez, will be succeeded by Devon Pritchard.

Nintendo Switch OLED UK launch comfortably beat Switch Lite

Already accounts for 7% of UK Switch sales this year.

Nintendo fans fear European Switch Online N64 games will be 50hz

"We have nothing to announce on this topic."

Mysterious new Nintendo Switch controller listed

UPDATE: Filing updated a second time.

Nintendo has no plans for Switch price drop outside Europe

"Trade price adjustment is for the European region only."

Nintendo lowers price of base Switch model in Europe

UPDATE: Due to currency exchange rates and impending OLED arrival, Nintendo says.

Nintendo Switch Online's next three SNES games revealed

UPDATE: Super Mario Bros. 3 SP quietly released.

Former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aimé is releasing a new book

Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo is set to release in May 2022.

A week on, some Nintendo Switch fans say they're still unable to download games and updates

UPDATE: Nintendo quietly releases fix, further system update due.

Nintendo Switch owners report download issues following system update

After Nintendo pulls then resumes firmware rollout.

Nintendo dates E3 Direct

"Focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch software."

Xbox Series S for under £100 at GAME if you trade-in Switch, PS4 or Xbox One

But not for trade-in retailers to take advantage of, GAME warns.

Canadian firm files fresh class-action lawsuit against Nintendo over Joy-Con Drift

"Nintendo failed to mention an important fact in a representation made to a consumer."

Here's everything announced in today's Nintendo Direct Mini

Kingdom Hearts! Fuser! Taiko! Just Dance 2021!

Jelly Deals | This 128GB Nintendo Switch SD card is now only £18

A big boost to your Switch storage for cheap.

Jelly Deals | Best Nintendo Switch deals November 2021

The best deals on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, games and more.

Take a look at Japan's lovely coral colour Nintendo Switch Lite

UPDATE: Headed to America, but no word on Europe.

Nintendo has "no plans" for new Switch model in 2020

Not mushroom beside PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Nintendo Switch passes 50m sales milestone

Meaning it has likely now overtaken Xbox One.

Jelly Deals | Nintendo Switch consoles will be back in stock late January

Exclusive bundles coming to the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Nintendo Direct dated for tomorrow

Now you're playing with power.

New Nintendo Switch announced, will have longer battery life

UPDATE: Launches September in UK, but will "vary by individual stores and locations".

Don't expect Switch Pro this year, Nintendo says

Standard model will get new components.

Watch Nintendo's indie spring showcase here

UPDATE: Zelda! Double Fine! Stranger Things! More!

Jelly Deals | The best Switch-compatible wireless NES controllers

Retro gaming without Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch requires weekly online check-in to play NES games

Cloud saves deleted if your subscription expires.

24 games launched on Nintendo eShop today

Bastion! Broken Age! And lots of others...

Nintendo Switch sales near 20m, down slightly on last year

Mario Tennis nets 1m sales in first two weeks.

Nintendo has a new president

Shibata gone as head of Europe, too.

Everything announced in Nintendo's new Switch indie showcase

16 games, including Mark of the Ninja Remastered.

Nintendo Switch outsold Wii U in less than a year

Mario Odyssey shifts 9m copies in just two months.

Nintendo Labo costs at least £60 in the UK

£70 for the separate robot kit.

Nintendo Switch announcement tonight to reveal "new interactive experience"

"Specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart."

Wii U's karaoke app has made the jump to Switch

Japan-only at the moment but don't let that stop you.

Nintendo hit by lawsuit over Switch design

Accessory maker Gamevice claims console copies 2014 product.

GAME blames deep-rooted financial issues on Nintendo's lack of Switch stock

Profits "substantially below previous expectations".

Nintendo Switch's premium online service will remain free until 2018

UPDATE: Monthly free game replaced with access to free catalogue.

Nintendo Switch shifted 2.74m units in its first month

More copies of Zelda on Switch sold than Switch itself.

Nintendo investigating Switch Joy-Con issues

"We are in fact-finding mode."

Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in Europe

While Zelda is best-selling launch title.

Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

Lower than Wii, but double Wii U.

GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

UPDATE: Amazon, Nintendo UK store, ShopTo having issues too.

Friend codes return for Nintendo Switch

You can also add local users or people you've played with.

Nintendo Switch eShop games and prices revealed

UPDATED: All 18 games available on launch day.

Starbound developer's Advance Wars-like Wargroove headed to Nintendo Switch

Plus: SteamWorld Dig 2! Runner 3! Stardew Valley co-op!

Snipperclips now a Nintendo Switch launch title

UPDATE: Retail bundle with Joy-Con saves £13.

Nintendo Switch won't have Virtual Console at launch

eShop indie game presentation dated for next week.

Video | We finally unbox the Nintendo Switch

Plus: Digital Foundry's first impressions.

Nintendo Switch hands-on tour heads to the UK

Limited spaces available in Birmingham, Manchester, London.

Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

Fans "hoping there's a GameCube Virtual Console".

Nintendo Switch battery life detailed, capacitive touchscreen confirmed

Connect up to eight controllers. Joycons also have gyros and image sensors.

UK retailer wants you to buy Nintendo Switch for £198.50 right now

Price protected 'til launch, but money taken upfront.

The 3D-printed Nintendo Switch is one of the best video game fakes we've seen

But a reminder not to believe everything you see online.

Nintendo fans pick apart Switch reveal video

And find not all is as it seems.

Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

Meanwhile, Skyrim and NBA still aren't confirmed.

"We have to do better when we launch NX"

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime on learnings from Wii U.

Feature | Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

It also connects to your TV, and runs cartridges.

Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

Wii U Zelda delayed until 2017, NX port confirmed.

Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

Home/handheld hybrid? Cross-platform play? 900p?

Nintendo now handing out NX console developer kits - report

Platform includes "mobile unit" and "industry-leading" chips.