MAG (Massive Action Game) Features


Army of Two-Fifty-Six.

It's a MAG press event just off Baker Street. PS3s and huge HD screens are lined up in a subterranean hall, waitresses move through the crowds with bullet-studded belts, nobody during a presentation ever misses an opportunity to refer to the assembled gaming press as 'operatives' or exclaim 'Let's DO IT!' and a nice Sony PR lady has just taken to the stage to set things rolling.

FeatureMAG tournament invites going out

Have you been drafted? Find out.

On Wednesday night, 64 hardened Eurogamer operatives will take to the networked battlefield in the massive MAG tournament we've been trailing, with official invites going out today for people who have been selected to participate in the London event.


Safety in numbers?

First-party exclusives are polarising beasts by nature, but Zipper Interactive's ambitious MMOFPS will likely prove more divisive than most. Some will dive in and find a game of uncommon depth and freedom, a richly designed long-term commitment that doesn't just recreate the boom-bang-a-bang of large-scale military conflict, but fosters the loyalty and fraternal co-dependence that holds armies together as well. Others, however, may find its epic 256-man battles too hardcore. To paraphrase Obi-Wan, both will be right. From a certain point of view.

FeatureMighty MAG tournament detailed

Fight our enemies! Date, venue, more.

So, by now we've established that we need you. Now we're telling you where and when. Our upcoming MAG battle against a rival website is fast approaching and it's nearly time to pick sides and book the evening off.

Digital FoundryThe MAG Factor

The tech challenges behind the first 256-player console action game.

Quietly going about its business in a closed beta phase, Zipper Interactive's MAG is one of the most intriguing games Digital Foundry has taken a look at recently, and an important milestone in the evolution of online console gaming.


The future of the multiplayer shooter?

When Sony revealed MAG - no-one's referring to it as Massive Action Game any more, it seems - at E3 last year, its promise of 256-player online modern warfare raised a few eyebrows. Not that we didn't believe it; we did, however, wonder how it could possibly hang together. Even in MMOs, you rarely get that many people in a single conflict, and when it does happen (in EVE Online, say) precious few understand what's going on, or can perceive it through the juddering lag. Surely a multiplayer FPS on that scale could only go one of two ways: complex, tactical and dry, or sheer bloody chaos.