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First MAG DLC free next Thursday

"It's just the beginning," says Zipper.

The first lot of MAG downloadable content will be released next Thursday, 25th March.

It's called the Trooper Gear Pack and it will be free.

Top of the additions-list is the disorienting Flashbang grenade, followed by special edition versions of both side's light machinegun, which looks and behaves differently. There are also two new new costumes, sorry, uniforms to wear: Trooper Dark and Trooper Light.

"The best part of the Trooper Gear Pack? It's just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to MAG. In the coming months, you can expect to see plenty of other add-ons and goodies that we can't quite tell you about yet (but know you'll enjoy)," Zipper's community chief Jeremy Dunham wrote on the US PlayStation blog.

A double experience weekend will run from 25th to 28th March to help promote the new toys.

There are some renders of the new content on the PS Blog.

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