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Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Vegas 2, Army of Two, Lost, Blacksite, Conflict, Lost Planet, DW6.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

If found please call 0207 542 395.

FeatureMap to a Lost Planet

Keiji Inafune talks about his Xbox 360 exclusive.

Key events

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Defied bosses to develop Dead Rising.

Capcom management abandoned interest in new IP to force development of sequels, former Capcom head of development Keiji Inafune has alleged.

Studio bosses keen to cut costs opted for a policy of systemic sequelisation, Inafune claimed in an address at a Kyoto university (translated by Andriasang).

New titles - including Inafune's Dead Rising and Lost Planet - were initially rejected.

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Lost Planet movie confirmed

Lost Planet movie confirmed

Inafune: film in mind from the start.

At a press conference at E3 today, Capcom confirmed the forthcoming Lost Planet film which screenwriter David Hayter mentioned at last week's Anime Expo.

Hayter - the voice of Solid Snake, who wrote the X-Men movies and as the imminent adaptation of classic graphic novel Watchmen - will write the screenplay. The film will be produced by Arad Productions, the new company set up by former Marvel comics boss Avi Arad. Warner has the global distribution rights.

"This game has every ingredient that makes a great movie, from a reluctant hero to a betrayal," said Arad. "Games are now more story driven, they have main characters and villains, they have love stories and they have hope. Lost Planet is dealing in a very imaginative way with an issue that is very close to our hearts, which is energy."

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SE Lost Planet gets release date

SE Lost Planet gets release date

It's coming out this summer.

Capcom has announced the new version of Lost Planet is coming to Xbox 360 and PC on June 6th.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition bundles the original game with new content and a cross-platform play option. There are new online modes, maps, weapons and models.

New modes for the single player campaign include Score Attack, where you're awarded points for destroying enemies and objects, and Trial Battle, where you take on every boss of the game, one after the other.

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X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Vegas 2, Army of Two, Lost, Blacksite, Conflict, Lost Planet, DW6.

Welcome to the latest in Eurogamer's on-going coverage of cross-format games development, our chance to go back and supplement existing reviews with additional console-specific coverage.

As is the norm, there's roundup commentary on the gameplay of each title, combined with technical analysis for both PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. Backing that up is the usual range of 720p and 1080p (where PS3 supports it) full precision, full-range 24-bit RGB dumps of every game, courtesy of the Digital Foundry HD capture unit. With Eurogamer you get the full, uncompressed picture of what the respective consoles are pumping out, with no recourse to murky, jerky streaming video.

Onto the games then. There's quite an intriguing line-up of the best and the very, very worst in cross-platform development in this round, with an unintended emphasis on co-op gameplay and Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology.

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New Lost Planet Colonies details

New Lost Planet Colonies details

Play as a girl, or the bugs.

The first details of Lost Planet Colonies have popped up in scans of a magazine article over on Kotaku.

Apparently you'll be able to play as a girl this time around. And if you're playing online, you'll be able to take the bugs' side and fight the humans. Expect more weapons, new enemies and monster eggs.

The game is said to be in development for PC and Xbox 360, with cross-platform online play promised. It's due out in Japan on 29th May.

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Weekly Demos Roundup

Frontlines, Turok, Conflict.

On Friday, I cut some ham too close to the edge of the table and the plate flipped over and landed on my lap then tumbled onto the floor. That's not my best story, but I thought it was more interesting than the new demo line-up this week.

PS3 Lost Planet gets exclusive character

PS3 Lost Planet gets exclusive character

Capcom gives you Luka. She is nice.

Capcom has confirmed to Eurogamer that Lost Planet on PS3 will feature Luka as an exclusive playable character.

She is a snow pirate that original and moody protagonist Wayne bumps into. Both have very nice hair; living in a frozen and hostile wasteland must be easier than it looks.

Also in the PS3 version are all the maps and patches accrued by the 360 version in its two years on sale, 16-player PSN battles, plus all the new characters introduced by the recent PC offering.

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FeatureCapcom Gamers' Day Roundup

Street Fighter IV, Dark Void, Okami Wii and more.

It ended with a bang. At the first Capcom Gamers' Day to be held in Europe - our own fair capital of London, to be precise - it looked for ten excruciating seconds like the big reveal of an extremely lengthy press conference really was going to be the announcement of a PS3 version of Lost Planet. But we should have known better.

Lost Planet heading to PS3

Good times are here again!

Capcom's Gamers Day event in London brings word that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is on its way to PlayStation 3 in "early 2008".

Lost Planet PC/360 updates

Lost Planet PC/360 updates

Free maps, patch next week.

Capcom is planning to reduce the cost of Lost Planet Map Pack #3 to nothing on Xbox Live Marketplace on 16th August - the same day that PC owners will be able to grab a new patch that adds a range of DirectX 10 enhancements.

On the PC front, the patch will introduce specialised geometry shaders designed to take better advantage of things like motion blur, depth-of-field and fur shading, along with PC Map Pack #2, which includes four maps from the second and third Xbox 360 packs - Battleground, Lost Technology, Ruins and Ice Drop.

Additionally, a patch that addresses unspecified connectivity issues for Xbox 360 owners will be released "in the next few weeks".

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Lost Planet PC getting Mega Man

Xbox Map Packs set to go free.

Capcom has said that it's preparing a patch for the PC version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition that will introduce new view modes, multiplayer tweaks and additional characters - including Mega Man.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

If found please call 0207 542 395.

Lost Planet is a game designed for the Xbox 360. And in its PC incarnation, it's going to let you know this just about as often as possible. And by any means possible. This might be having a game mechanic entirely designed for a console, or it could be a screen-sized image of a 360 controller splashed intermittently throughout the game. Just don't you forget its origins, okay?

You will remember Kristan's review of the original version back in January, in which he was one of the few not to be all confused by the pretty graphics, and recognise quite how hollow the experience really was. So today we're here to find out how Capcom have managed to shed marks in the last six months.

Quick summary for people too lazy to read the previous review: You play Wayne... Yes, Wayne. That about sets the tone. I'm now fully looking forward to Half-Life 2: Episode Two revealing a new character called Sharon. (We would apologise to readers called Wayne or Sharon, but really, it's not us with whom you should be cross. It's your parents). He's part of a group of humans who decide, in that terribly human way, to colonise a very cold planet that is already somewhat populated. The locals, insectoid creatures called the Akrid, aren't best pleased at these presumptuous arrivals, and are so very rude as to physically object to the invasion. The bastards! Kill 'em all. And that you do, and almost nothing else.

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Lost Planet PC DLC mooted

Content and DX10 enhancements.

The PC version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be backed up by the release of "additional content and DirectX 10 enhancements available for download in the near future", Capcom said yesterday.

What with our intense love of staying indoors where it's cool and shady during the summer months (aka "Deathtober"), the news that Capcom's soothingly icy Lost Planet: Extreme Condition will be chilling our PCs with DirectX 10-compatible graphics come 29th June is cause for a celebration.

Free Lost Planet map this week

Collector's Edition extra arrives.

Capcom will this week make good on its promise to release the Lost Planet Collector's Edition bonus map, Battleground, for free.

FeatureLost Planet: DirectX 9 vs. 10

We check out the differences between the two PC demos.

Oh, dear. This isn't right, this isn't right at all. With Vista leaving gamers at best perplexed and at worst furious, getting out a game that actually used its trumpeted but unproven new DirectX 10 graphics, and that looked jawdroppingly, heartbreakingly, console-shamingly blinkin' gorgeous with it, was incredibly important. As DX10's leading lights, Crysis and Alan Wake, are still trying to work out what weekends they've got free to finally come visit, it's fallen to a port of Xbox 360 shooter Lost Planet to trailblaze the future of gaming graphics on PC.

Lost Planet multiplayer survey

Influence future development.

Still playing Lost Planet? Then you might want to fill in a new official survey, which Capcom claims will influence the direction of multiplayer development in future.

Lost Planet on PC

In Europe this June.

It seems Lost Planet may have finally been confirmed for release on PC, as fresh details seem to point to a European and American release in June.

Lost Planet maps on Friday

Shots on, er, today.

Capcom is preparing another icy burst of content for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition in the shape of two new downloadable multiplayer levels, both of which are due for release on Xbox Live Marketplace on 6th April, this Friday. Good!

Dead Rising and Lost Planet to remain Xbox 360-exclusive

Whatever's going on with Devil May Cry 4 (it's coming to Xbox 360 and PC as well as PS3 - where have you been?), Lost Planet and Dead Rising "are not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go".

That's according to Capcom's director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, who was drawn into clarifying his earlier comments on the publisher's official forum. Previously he had said that Capcom is "committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible" in reference to DMC4's situation.

"The quote delivered above references our strategy moving forward, not something that is necessarily retroactive. You can see evidence of this with our previously stated [Resident Evil 5] plans going to 360 and PS3 simultaneously," Svensson noted.

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Lost Planet map packs soon

Seven new battlefields total.

Capcom plans to bombard Lost Planet fans with additional multiplayer maps over the course of the "coming months", with a total of seven set to light up Xbox Live Marketplace and help thaw any gathering disinterest.

Lost Planet patch coming

Lost Planet patch coming

Multiplayer tweaks and fixes.

Capcom is preparing a patch for Lost Planet that adds a few common sense features to the multiplayer interface and sorts out a number of minor bugs.

The update is scheduled to go out "on or about" 9th March, and will make it easier for players to see who is speaking in the lobby before and after games, as well as where they're from, while you'll also be able to see a connection-speed indicator.

Here's a full changelog released by Capcom this morning. For more on Lost Planet, check out our review from last month.

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Fountains of Wayne.

When we shoot things in videogames, we almost expect the downed foe to leave something shiny behind for us to pick up. It's practically a gaming law, with some of them designed to take advantage of our curious obsessive-compulsive desire to hoard thousands of pointless artefacts like the thieving digital magpies that we are. How many times have we gone back to games we've already finished, just to make sure we've hoovered up every last orb/crystal/coin/whatever? It's the first sign of madness, I tells ya.

Lost Planet, mind you, goes about it another way. It basically reverse engineers the whole premise of Dead-Things-Must-Spew-Shiny-Stuff to the point where Capcom has conjured an entire storyline to justify said spewage. Anyway, it made me smile, so I'm going to share it with you. Basically, in The Future, a bunch of pesky humans decide to colonise a hostile frozen planet (called E.D.N. III) inhabited by giant insect-like creatures called the Akrid. Cunningly, the Akrid house precious thermal energy (T-ENG) within their bodies, and the humans soon realise that they can utilise this energy resource to help them survive the sub-zero temperatures. Simple plan? Shoot Akrid, harvest the thermal orange ooze, stay alive.

Dressed in the rather handy Vital Suit, the game's protagonist (the chiselled Wayne) can brave the icy wasteland by going on an Akrid killing spree, knowing full well that every giant bug he kills tops up his T-ENG. Handy. But he's got a reason for that, too. Apparently an Akrid named 'Green Eye' (can't imagine why...) killed his father, so now he's seeking good old-fashioned retribution. So, with the slaughter and the orange ooze fully justified, what of the game?

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Lost Planet patched

Lost Planet patched

But it's not out yet etc.

Capcom has made good on its promise to release a day-one patch for Lost Planet, which takes care of some of the issues that cropped up between the multiplayer demo in November and the game's release.

"Day one" in this sense means the US launch, naturally, with the game due to go on sale in Europe on 12th January. When you get it home, you'll be prompted to download an update, which focuses on the lobby and matchmaking facilities among other things. Full details can be found in our previous coverage.

As well as a multiplayer demo, Xbox Live also plays host to a single-player effort, released last May - and it'll be interesting to see how the rest of the game's continued development, along with the changes made since the multiplayer demo aired, contribute to the overall impression the game leaves.

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Lost Planet patch at launch

Lost Planet patch at launch

Capcom listens to feedback.

Lost Planet may not be out until 12th January, but Capcom's already setting admirable precedents for its first major online multiplayer game on Xbox 360.

Having released single- and multiplayer demos earlier this year, the developer has since been in touch to explain its plans to incorporate fan feedback into the full game.

"Capcom has been reading boards, emails and blogs, collecting thoughts and ideas directly from the growing community," the team explained in a statement.

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Second Lost Planet demo map

If you pre-order, that is.

Downloaded the Lost Planet demo yet? Along with the single-player demo from May, it should give you a pretty firm idea of whether you're going to buy it when it comes out on 12th January.

Lost Planet MP demo live

Available now to Gold people.

The promised multiplayer demo of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has popped up on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Hands-on with the first five levels.

Once upon a time, Earth was a bit rubbish. So we left. We got on spaceships, and flew off to a place called E.D.N. III. I don't know why it is called that - perhaps they had a competition, and that was a little girl's entry, and the little girl had some sort of horrible brain cancer and they couldn't say no despite the fact nobody was really keen on it.

Lost Planet MP demo dated

Details and shots released.

Lost Planet's multiplayer demo will be released onto Xbox Live Marketplace on 23rd November, Capcom has announced.

Lost Planet MP demo soon

Winter, according to trailer.

The Lost Planet: Extreme Condition trailer uploaded to Xbox Live Marketplace during the Tokyo Game Show raises the prospect of another playable demo in the near future.

Lost Planet in January

Simultaneously worldwide.

Good news for those of you looking forward to Capcom's second big-huge Xbox 360 exclusive, third-person action title Lost Planet - we'll be getting it at the same time as everyone else.

Lost Planet multiplayer at GC

4v4 debut in Germany.

Those of you wondering what the multiplayer part of Lost Planet is going to be like won't have to wait much longer to find out - Capcom's planning to show it off at Game Convention in Leipzig next month.

FeatureMap to a Lost Planet

Keiji Inafune talks about his Xbox 360 exclusive.

"We've probably only hit about 60 per cent of the Xbox 360's potential," says Keiji Inafune, reclining in a Bruce Campbell shirt up in Capcom's lofty meeting area, overlooking the throng of the E3 showfloor. Speaking to us through a translator, Inafune talks of his admiration for Microsoft's next-generation format and brushes off the suggestion, put forward by one of the handful of press joining us for a chat, that early titles haven't lived up to the pre-launch bluster. "It's very cyclical," he says of game development. "The more years you study a platform, the better you get. Some of the games you'll see in three of four years will be truly amazing."

Lost Planet

Pre-E3: Extreme conditioning.

The atmosphere is thick with sweat and probably tears. Improbably dressed men and women lunge menacingly at you from every direction, ducking into freshly wrought trenches as you prowl amongst them, a giant pack strapped to your back and bloodlust in your eyes - all the while you're conscious that if you don't hurry, you'll run out of energy and it'll all be over. Time's against you, and you're just ONE MAN against an ARMY OF SIN.

Capcom unveils Lost Planet, exclusive to Xbox 360

Capcom unveils Lost Planet, exclusive to Xbox 360

See the trailer on Eurogamer TV.

Capcom and Microsoft have jointly announced the development of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360, a science-fiction-themed third-person shooter due for release in winter 2006 in Japan.

Along with screenshots, Capcom released a trailer comprising a mixture of in-game and cinematic sequences. As well as being the first public footage of the game, the three-minute trailer is the first to be made available through our brand new streaming video service, Eurogamer TV, which launches in beta form today. You can stream the trailer from our website without having to download any new software, and we'll obviously be very pleased if you do because we want to see how the system copes with your interest.

Lost Planet puts players in the role of a character modelled on 35-year-old South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, who appeared at the game's unveiling alongside executive producer Keiji Inafune. It's an approach similar to the one Capcom took with Onimusha 3, where French actor Jean Reno's likeness was used for one of the main characters. Byung-hun's as-yet unnamed character in Lost Planet is seeking revenge for the murder of his father at the hands of his freezing planet's dominant force, the Eecrid.

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