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Free Lost Planet map this week

Collector's Edition extra arrives.

Capcom will this week make good on its promise to release the Lost Planet Collector's Edition bonus map, Battleground, for free.

Previously only available if you bought the fancy tin-box version of the game, Battleground dumps players in a rubble-strewn town that splits the action between indoors and outdoors, and high and low vantage points.

It will make its way onto Xbox Live Marketplace as a free download for Xbox 360 owners on Thursday, 7th June.

Already on there are a pair of multiplayer map-packs that cost 400 Microsoft points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.65) apiece.

Lost Planet supports 16-player games over Xbox Live, with a range of multiplayer modes that mix deathmatch with hacking and capturing data posts. The full game shipped with eight maps, with the map-packs and Battleground bringing the total available now to 13.

You can read our Lost Planet Xbox 360 review for more info, while PC owners can head to our Lost Planet PC gamepage for shots, trailers and a look at how the DirectX 9 and 10 demos of the upcoming port compare.

Capcom Eurosoft's press site currently lists the PC port as due out on 29th June.