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Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie PC release dates announced

Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie PC release dates announced

UPDATE: Will include TF2 characters and Minecraft-themed levels.

UPDATE: Joe Danger on Steam will include Team Fortress 2 characters and Minecraft environments, developer Hello Games has announced.

The entire cast of Team Fortress 2 will be present in the game's Challenge mode as playable characters, courtesy of Valve's goodwill.

Minecraft blocks and level elements will also be available for you to play with in the game's level editor and Steam Workshop. Fancy seeing Joe careening past Creepers in minecarts? Now you can.

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Joe Danger Touch announced for iPhone, iPad

Cartoon racer Joe Danger will race onto iOS devices later this year, developer Hello Games has announced.

Joe Danger Touch is a brand new game designed specifically for touchscreen controls. It includes 50 new levels and fresh playable characters.

Players can now swipe the touchscreen to wheelie, tap the screen to jump and flick obstacles from your pat.

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Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive

Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive

Hello Games: PSN patch would be "impractical".

Patching the various changes made to forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade release Joe Danger: Special Edition into the PlayStation Network original would be "impractical", according to developer Hello Games.

During a guest appearance on this week's Eurogamer podcast, studio boss Sean Murray explained that it just wouldn't make sense to bring the new content across to PSN as it radically alters how the game plays.

"The changes we've made - and I think people will understand when they've played the Special Edition - change the game in ways that I think would be really weird for us to bring over to PSN," he said.

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Sega hosting EG Expo Indie Arcade

Free game submission now open.

We're delighted to announce the return of Eurogamer Expo's Indie Arcade, which this year will be presented by publishing giant Sega and in association with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Joe Danger DLC rides in

PSN hit sees price cut too.

New DLC is on the way for Joe Danger, PlayStation Network's fun racer/platformer hybrid.

Joe Danger

Joe Danger "People's Patch" released

Upload replays! Share levels! Hidden stuff!

Amiable Joe Danger developer Hello Games has released a gigantic patch for its little PS3 stunt-bike racer that lets you share replays and levels among other things.

The "People's Patch" is designed to address "pretty much every piece of feedback we've had from the community," according to Hello's Sean Murray, writing on the PlayStation Blog. And how.

Along with the ability to save, replay and upload videos to YouTube, you can share levels and use custom soundtracks, while you also get more multiplayer levels, new level editing props, costumes and "hidden stuff". Get in.

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Shank and MotorStorm 3D in PSN update

Shank and MotorStorm 3D in PSN update

Plus MAG "Persistent Beta" and more.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with a range of treats including Shank, MotorStorm 3D Rift and a new "Persistent Beta client" for MAG.

Klei Entertainment's Shank, published by EA, came out on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday as well and costs 9.99 / 12.99 on PSN. You run around a vibrant 2D world killing people, which is alright with us.

MotorStorm 3D Rift, meanwhile, allows you to play 10 of Pacific Rift's tracks in 3D if you have the equipment. It's a free trial but then you need to fork over a tenner.

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Joe Danger could appear on other formats

Wasn't practical at first. Plus: replays soon!

Joe Danger developer Hello Games has said that it may consider porting its PlayStation 3 title to other formats, including Xbox 360, but it would have been humanly impossible to get the game out on multiple platforms initially.

Hello Games announces Joe Danger

Hello Games announces Joe Danger

Motorbike stuntman for PC/PSN/XBLA.

Guildford-based indie outfit Hello Games has announced Joe Danger, a motorcycling stuntman game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Due out next spring, Joe Danger sees you racing through an arcadey obstacle course collecting coins, D-A-N-G-E-R letters and performing tricks.

It's very bright and cheerful, as you can see from the official website, and looks more like the side-scrolling love-child of Tony Hawk and Pixar films than a pretender to Trials HD's time trial crown.

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