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FeatureThe God who Peter Molyneux forgot

For Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson, the prize inside the cube has been anything but life-changing.

During the early afternoon of 26th May 2013, 18-year-old Scot Bryan Henderson tapped on Peter Molyneux's Curiosity cube for the last time. He had won the game.

FeatureCuriosity cut the crap

How Molyneux sold the angles, not the cube.

Curiosity was, its makers insist, an experiment. It ran from 6 November 2012 until May 26 2013 when Bryan Henderson, who'd downloaded the app around an hour before the close, tapped away the final cubelet and discovered what was inside the cube. A video, soon enough shared, outlining the plan for Henderson to be the presiding deity of 22Cans' next game Godus. "It is the ability to be a digital god," said Peter Molyneux. Or in other words, the prize is another promise.

FeatureYou, me and the cube

A day in the office with Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube.

I initially tried not to read too much about Curiosity, the latest game/experiment/happening from Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22Cans. What's there to read about after all? It's a virtual cube, floating in virtual space, and you tap away at its surface. Meanwhile, scattered around the globe, everyone else is tapping away at its surface too, burrowing through its shiny skin one layer at a time. There's something special inside the cube, apparently, and a single person's going to get at it. It's basically a massively-multiplayer spin on the Christmas cracker - and I've never really felt the need to read too much about those, either.

FeaturePeter Molyneux: The Future Belongs to the Curious

On the inside of the cube, Cooperation and missing his Microsoft PA.

During Peter Molyneux's presentation at Rezzed, the PC and indie game show, he appears to well up. The beginnings of tears make their presence felt in the corner of his eyes as he looks down at his MacBook. He predicted as much: the video he's about to show the entranced audience is cheesy, but he still gets emotional when he thinks about it.