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Molyneux's Curiosity app launches, £50,000 DLC not yet available

UPDATE: Android version re-released. Winner will unlock video link, rules reveal.

UPDATE #3: Curiosity's Android version is now back on the Google Play store - this time hopefully for good.

"Incredible, half the first layer has been tapped, will it be gone in first 24 hours? This has really exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to get back," Molyneux wrote on Twitter. "I have just been glancing at the stats, amazing results. Can't believe 625 people have purchased the 1 million chisel. And 2bn coins spent."

UPDATE #2: The Android version of Curiosity has now been pulled. Users reported the app as being incompatible with their Android devices.

Molyneux wrote on Twitter in the past hour that the Android version was still due today.

"Little surprised at early iOS release BUT team are pushing as hard as they can to get Android out today!!", he wrote.

UPDATE: The Android version of Curiosity is now available via Google Play. The app is not compatible with a number of devices however, including the Galaxy S2 and Nexus 7.

Player progress on the cube's first layer continues to be swift. The game's own stats show around a third has now been chipped away.

"Still can't decide whether I'm happy that people are playing, or sad that they are crushing our servers!" 22Cans developer Richard Fabian wrote on Twitter.

ORIGINAL STORY: Peter Molyneux's block-chiselling mystery game Curiosity has finally appeared in the iOS App Store. Players are now feverishly tapping away at the Cube's surface, which must be removed layer by layer.

The winner will receive a video link, the app's terms and conditions page reveals.

"Inside the Cube and under an undisclosed number of layers, there is an amazing discovery waiting to be found. The surface image on the Cube for the last layer will make it obvious to all that it is the final layer.

"The person who removes the last cubelet on the final layer is the winner and will automatically be sent a video link on their device explaining what is at the centre of the cube.

Graffiti is rampant, although we've yet to see anything too distasteful.

"The winner is free to do what they wish with the video link information - they can disseminate the link via social media or keep the content to themselves. However, the video link information should not be traded for any personal monetary gain."

Several features are still unavailable, such as the option to exchange real world money for in-game currency.

That means the £50,000 diamond chisel DLC is currently only available to those who cough up the equivalent in-game currency: 3 billion coins. Which is a lot of tapping.

Other DLC items include the Firecracker (5000 coins for four), Bomb (115,000 coins), Iron Chisel (destroy nine cubelets with each touch for five minutes, costing 300,000 coins) and the Steel Chisel (destroy 25 cublets with each touch, costing 1,000,000 coins).

The app went live overnight. Initial stats show that 6075 users have already taken part.

At the time of writing, 22,246,475 cubelets have been destroyed from the first layer. 78,367,677 remain, suggesting it may be fully peeled back by the end of the day.

The Android version has yet to materialise on Google Play.

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