Beyond: Two Souls News

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream no longer making PlayStation exclusives

NetEase funding secured for multiplatform future.

Detroit, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream loses employment court case

Against staff member who quit due to Photoshop montage scandal.

Quantic Dream: allegations of unhealthy studio culture are a "smear"

Says it has been subjected to "unfounded attacks".

Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

David Cage speaks, plus exclusive assets from the game's files.

Beyond: Two Souls gets new PlayStation 4 version next week

But you'll have to wait until March for Heavy Rain.

Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are heading to PS4

Quantic Dreams' narrative duo coming later this year.

Evidence mounts for Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 release

PS4 Trophies list leak follows earlier retail listings.

UK chart: Pokémon, Beyond fail to dislodge GTA 5

X and Y sales double that of Black and White 2.

Watch the Beyond: Two Souls premiere livestream tonight

David Cage, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe all in attendance.

Sony confirms Beyond censored in Europe

To secure PEGI 16 age rating.

You can play all of Beyond with your iPhone

"For us this is a key feature in the game."

Beyond: Two Souls PS3 demo release date

UPDATE: Pre-order at GAME to get a week's early access.

Beyond: Two Souls has a touch-controlled co-op mode

Play through the entire game using a tablet/smartphone.

Emotions, meaning and an AI Kubrick: David Cage's vision of the future

Quantic Dream's head on his quest for cinematic games.

Beyond: Two Souls special edition includes a 30-minute exclusive scene

Extra playable content available to those who pre-order.

Beyond: Two Souls to be streamed this Saturday night

UPDATE: Watch 35 minutes of footage from the Tribeca Film Festival.

Heavy Rain cost €16.7 million to make and made Sony "more than €100 million"

"Stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable."

Pre-production on Beyond dev Quantic Dream's PS4 game began middle of 2012

Hasn't been decided whether Beyond will be ported to PS4.

Heavy Rain dev confirms work on PS4 game has begun

Plus: no Move or 3D for Beyond, says Quantic Dream boss.

Beyond: Two Souls set for October

Announces co-star Willem Dafoe.

Heavy Rain, Beyond chief David Cage declares: "sequels kill creativity and innovation"

"Gamers invest money in publishers having no interest in innovation."

EA defends sequelitis, bemoans lack of "reward" for launching new IP

Working on three to five new IPs for next gen.

As PlayStation 4 looms, Sony says PlayStation 3 is in "prime time"

All roads lead to Tokyo Game Show for super slim announcement.

David Cage: "I'm not a frustrated movie director"

Beyond has taken 12 months to shoot, has 2000 page script.

2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

Warren Spector: "David Cage is a genius"

"I'm in awe of the talent of the guy."

Sony: why we're launching new IP this late in the console cycle

"It is part of the role of a platform holder," insists Andrew House.

New PlayStation 3 super slim? "Never say never," says Sony

"Hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller."

Changes to The Last of Us' Ellie and announcement of Ellen Page in Beyond are "complete coincidence"

Naughty Dog "didn't realise" she resembled the famous actor, says game director.

Quantic Dream's Beyond confirmed, Ellen Page onboard

UPDATE: PlayStation Move compatible, single-player only.