Battlefield 2 News

Battlefield is going to be a TV series

Company behind True Detective involved!

50 EA games will have their servers shut down

But "still investigating community-supported options".

Huge Battlefield 2 patch finally released

Plus: AI reworked in Empire: TW update.

New Battlefield 2 patch test by Christmas

With Santa comes beta 1.5, says DICE.

DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

BF2 patch delayed

They found a bug.

BF2 patch tomorrow?

EA Spain reckons so.

Help test Battlefield 2 1.4 patch

New map and no-vehicles mode.

New Battlefield 2 map coming

Will be released with next patch.

Battlefield 2 roll-back planned

Latest patch is causing problems.

Battlefield 2 patch plans

Co-op for solo levels, more.

New Battlefield 2 patch detailed

Thorough testing planned.

EA to sponsor i27 BF2 tourney

Want to win five grand?

New Battlefield 2 patch out

Say hello to version 1.2.

Buy Battlefield 2 add-on online

Pre-download for $29.99.

Battlefield 2 patched to 1.3

Wake Island map, new features.

BF2 stat-padders stopped

By a very cross EA.

Battlefield 2 Night concludes

Eurogamer and EA versus the world. Well, you lot. Join us!

EA and EG to kill readers again

Another Battlefield 2 night!

BF2 security problems fixed

And new patch out next month.

BF2 case mods unveiled

German man takes EA's cash.

New BF2 patch released

This one works, says EA.

Battlefield 2 expansion

And first official details revealed.

Eurogamer and EA to kill readers

Battlefield 2. Next Thursday.

Battlefield 2 stats sped up

So says EA type on a forum.

Battlefield 2 demo

Play against other EGers!