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EA and EG to kill readers again

Another Battlefield 2 night!

Following the success of last week's Battlefield 2 event, which saw various skilled employees of Electronic Arts UK join forces with various predictably inept and useless members of the Eurogamer team, we've decided to do it all again!

The event will take place between 7pm and 9pm next Wednesday, and full details of the server we'll be playing on will be announced on the day, with the password fed to the website and forums just before kick-off.

The maps we'll be playing on between 7pm and 9pm are Zatar Wetlands, Daqing Oilfields, Dragon Valley and Dalian Plant, and anybody who wants to hang around after 9pm will hopefully be able to continue for a while on Gulf of Oman and Kubra Dam. We'll be booting everyone off after each couple of maps, so everybody gets a decent stab at knifing yours truly in the face.

Check back next Wednesday for full details, and be sure not to practice at all and to rub Marmite on the underside of your mice so that we stand more of a chance. Or not.

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