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GAME's 3DS launch outnumbers HMV's

482 midnight openings to 100.

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Update: GAME has clarified that a free 3DS won't be given to the 482 GAME/gamestation queue-leaders at shops up and down the UK. Instead, their names will go into a hat, from which a winner will be picked to receive a free 3DS.

Original story: HMV may be the official 3DS launch partner, but GAME will outnumber the rival shop-chain by opening a fleet of 482 GAME and gamestation stores tomorrow night at midnight.

HMV will open 100.

The first 100 people queueing at GAME HQ on Oxford Street, London, will be given their choice of a free 3DS game. HMV comes out stronger on this point, having pledged to give 500 queuers at its Oxford Street HQ a free 3DS game.

GAME plans to shower Oxford Street attendees with t-shirts and "midnight snacks" as the night rolls on.

In the celeb stakes, GAME has roped in funnyman Iain Lee to preside over its Oxford Street 3DS launch. HMV is holding a glitzy launch party elsewhere in London. The main acts are comedian Russell Kane and musicians Plan B, Hadouken, DJ Yoda and Parade.

GAME also counts five stores offering the first queuer a free taxi ride home. Come from afar, reader - make them work for their money.

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