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GAME shuts down 19 stores

"This is never easy news."

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GAME has announced the closure of 19 of its stores - but failed to say which ones.

The move is part of a strategy that will see a total of 85 shops shut down over a three-year period.

GAME has opened or relocated stores in the past nine months and dropped 25 shops that were in Debenhams.

"You will remember that last April we announced plans to close 85 UK stores over three years, to reach 550 by the end of 2013," regional MD Martyn Gibbs told Eurogamer sister site "This was part of a detailed review to ensure that our stores are in the right locations for our customers, and we have already started to move some locations accordingly.

"This is never easy news to announce and I am fully aware of the impact of these decisions on our people. We are fully committed to finding alternative roles for those who are potentially impacted by the decisions."

GAME said staff were told of the decision earlier this week.

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