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Game publishers help man injured in riot

Sony replaces PSP. Namco offers games.

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Game publishers have pledged to help the man assaulted and mugged by thugs during the London riots this week.

Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq, 20, had his PlayStation Portable stolen by yobs posing as Good Samaritans during the London riots. A video of the crime, below, has appalled the nation.

Sony has offered to replace Ashraf's PSP, and Namco Bandai will send him games.

PlayStation UK marketing director Alan Duncan wrote on the do something nice for Ashraf Haziq website: "[We'd] like to give him a new PSP and games. Let me know the best way of getting in touch with Ashraf or the hospital. Thanks."

Then, later, again from Duncan: "Just to let you know we will be delivering Ashraf's new PSP and games (along with some donated by Namco Bandai) to Mr Abdullah at the [Malaysian] High Commission today."

Ashraf was discharged from the Royal London hospital today.

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