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Galaga coming to iPhone "any day now"

Has classic and remix guises.

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Namco has adapted Galaga for iPhone and will be offering the game on iTunes "any day now".

That's according to Touch Arcade, which says to expect a USD 5.99 price. We've just checked the iTunes Store, incidentally, and there's no sign of Galaga.

We're told the iPhone conversion, dubbed Galaga Remix, will have both a classic mode and remixed mode. The former arrives from the carefree days of 1981, while the latter turns the iPhone landscape and unfolds in widescreen.

Remix has loads more power-ups, lots more levels and curves not corners, too.

Both versions have a selection of control options: left and right buttons in the corners of the screen; a slider bar along the bottom of the screen; and an accelerometer tilt controls. Tapping the screen fires the spaceship's laser.

Galaga has appeared on just about every platform since 1981, most recently as Galaga Legions on Xbox Live Arcade. It's pretty good, and costs 800 MS Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) to download.

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