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Fury relaunching for free

To download and play.

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Gamecock and Auran's online multiplayer game Fury will become free to download as well as free to play following a 14th December content update.

In this state, players will be able to enter all game-types, equip all weapons and unlock all 400 abilities but without having to shell out for the game in the first place.

Previously there was a free-to-play option, but only after you'd bought the game, obviously.

Auran CEO Tony Hilliam explained that the new "Chosen" characters - free-loaders - will earn less gold and essence and won't be able to trade without spending some real money, but can otherwise play the game quite happily.

"Chosen players can purchase game gold from the FURY store or upgrade to Hero status to earn more Essence and Gold. Retail stores sell the Hero status pack, along with a free month of Immortal status, so this is USD 30 value for the new price of USD 19.99 (in US stores)," said Hilliam.

"As a Hero or Immortal players can unlock abilities faster and purchase better gear, but the matchmaker then ensures they are playing against other players of similar skill and rank."

The Age of the Chosen pack, which updates the game this Friday, also introduces two new game-types - Carnage (where two teams try and take down bots to collect blood tokens quicker than each other) and a one-on-one Elimination game-type.

Fury is one of Gamecock's first major releases, and bills itself as a subscription-free MMO, but we reckoned it to be more of an arena deathmatch game with fantasy and RPG elements. We weren't all that impressed overall.

Sadly for developer Auran, reaction to the game seems to have taken its toll, with Hilliam adding in an email to Kotaku Australia that there will be "some bad news to follow (unless a miracle occurs)". This follows confirmation of layoffs, after which the studio said it was working to relocate former staff with neighbouring developer Tantalus.

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