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Gamecock's line-up in detail

More on the five indie games.

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Gamecock plunged into the headlines yesterday by promising to take a firm stand against the originality-starved elements of the games industry. Its solution was simple: stick up for the the innovative and experimental developer.

Alongside the announcement were five new games for console and PC, each from different, established developers, and following the initial splurge we have more details on each, and a few trailers.

Stronghold developer Firefly Studios has started work on an action RPG for Gamecock called Hero, which is due for release in spring 2009 on PC and a next-gen console, which we assume will be Xbox 360.

There will be plenty of enemies to butcher using melee, ranged, and magic skills, plus it sounds as though drop in/out co-op play is also on the cards. You can forget treasure-riddled dungeons though, as this will be a much darker experience. You can get a look at a trailer on Eurogamer TV. Alternatively, you can pop over to the game's website for more information.

Australian developer Auran Games is also on-board, and has a combat-based PC MMO in development for Q4 this year.

Called Fury, it aims to bring advanced combat, in-depth character development and teamwork to the table, then mix it with the fast and frantic gameplay normally associated with an FPS to create the "ultimate competitive online action RPG".

You can unleash your anger at the newest trailer on Eurogamer TV, or rampage over to the game's website for more information.

Joining these two games will be Mushroom Men from Red Fly Studio, which is due for release on an unspecified next-gen and handheld platform in spring 2008.

You see, unnoticed by us humans, a war rages between the spore factions. You'll take the role of a brave Bolete Mushroom Man and see our world through his surreal little eyes. It'll be up to you to turn the tides of this war by using household debris as weapons and tools.

It will be a very stylised and artistic affair, and you can witness a teaser on - you guessed it - Eurogamer TV.

Next up, then, is Insecticide, from Crackpot Entertainment, due for release this Christmas on PC and an unnamed handheld.

It's an action-adventure game set in a festering future city where bugs are the dominant race. You'll join detective Chrys Liszt and his partner Roachy Caruther as a murder at a powerful company leads to a police chase through the city's seedy underbelly, eventually culminating into a mystery of epic proportions.

Investigate the newest clip on Eurogamer TV, or buzz over to the website for a closer look.

Last but not least is Hail To The Chimp from former Bungie man Alex Seropian. His Wideload Games team will be developing it for release on next-gen platforms sometime in spring 2008.

It's a party game based on politics in the animal kingdom, where the throne is currently up for grabs. The website is a little sparse at the moment, but you should head over there anyway - because we don't have anything to show you on Eurogamer TV this time. And it's called Chimp Love.

So, it seems Gamecock's bursting with promising releases; let's hope the enthusiasm that the various developers have shown towards Gamecock founders Mike Wilson and Harry Miller continues in abundance, and that they get what they're hoping for.

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