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Fury Challenges you

USD 1 million in prizes.

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Codemasters Online Gaming has announced a new competition for Fury this afternoon, in an effort to give us all a taster of the competitive gameplay.

Up for grabs are prizes totalling around USD 1 million, from companies like Dell, Logitech, NVidia and GameStop. Specific goody details are expected soon.

To win you will need to top a clan or solo ladder in the upcoming MMOG by battering people from around the world. Players will be separated by rank, too, to ensure newcomers have as much of a chance as veteran testers.

The tournament takes place on three consecutive open beta weekends beginning 14th September, although the first one will be given over to practice time.

If you fancy the sound of it, you'll need to register and download the Fury Challenge client that is available from 28th August. Those of you already testing the game will simply need to patch your version to take part.

Fury is an MMO from Australian developer Auran, which is making a considerable PR splash by doing away with level-grinding and other tedious genre mechanics in favour jumping head-first into player versus player action.

The game will be free to play, but offers you the option of subscribing and becoming an Immortal, which will grant you a number of benefits. Don't shell out and you'll be reduced to Hero status.

More Fury Challenge tournaments are expected throughout the game's life, and will be free for Immortals, although Heroes will have to stump up some in-game gold to take part.

Head over to our Fury gamepage to find out more.

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